Laptop Mission

The GOE’s Laptops for Wounded Warriors mission is designed to provide our wounded troops with computers to insure they maintain contact with family and friends via the Internet while recovering at military medical treatment centers across America.

All funding for this mission is provided by private donations.  As this is a true grassroots effort, all donations will be used to purchase computers. Please consider a personal donation to bring joy and comfort to our brave troops as they fight to overcome their wounds.

To date fourteen Toshiba laptops with web cams have been donated to our  Wounded Warriors to allow them to maintain contact with their familys and friends during their recovery with funding provided by private  donations.

This was completed within five weeks of the start of our first two missions. I ask each of you to step forward and do whatever possible to continue this effort. Please spread the word to others and find creative ways to raise the required funding. Thanks to the management of Best Buy we have provided these laptops at a average cost of $350.00 per laptop. This low cost makes each laptop a very obtainable goal.



  1. This is an extremely worthwhile mission.

    Americans owe a debt to those fighting for our freedom that we can never repay.

    Help bring a smile to a Wounded Warrior

  2. My name is George Samek, Wounded Warrior Advocate for the Gathering of Eagles
    I am very proud of the many who have provided the funding and support required to move these missions forward
    Thanks to each of you who have supported the Laptops for Wounded Warriors and a special thanks to “Mom” Mureal Perderson Gold Star Mother of Sgt Ken Pederson KIA Vietnam and also Debbie Lee Gold Star Mother of USN SEAL Mark Lee KIA Iraq and all those wonderful Blue Star Mothers who have stood to comfort our wounded at Walter Reed on Sept 11 2009 and at Bethesda Naval Hospital on Sept 14 2009.

    Please support our ongoing GOE Laptop Missions across America and lets all do our part to reach out to say to each of our wounded
    Thank You For Your Service. Welcome Home.

    Whatever we do for our troops within the Gathering of Eagles, we do best when we do it together.

    Thanks to all my Brothers & Sisters we will complete this laptop mission and we will do it with a smile.

  3. Special thanks to the Military Order of the Purple Heart, Chapter 634 Charlotte NC for the most welcome donation of a laptop computer to our Wounded Warriors.

    What we do best for our military, we do together.

    As always Vets Never Forget

  4. God Bless The GOE! It was my honor to go to Walter Reed and visit and present a laptop computer to those brave, wonderful Servicemen in rememberance of my son.I came home completely revitalized. Their courage is beyond description.I’m going to Bethesda and do the same thing.The smiles and hugs are overwhelming. God Bless Them!
    We must never forget their sacrifices!

    Muriel Pederson,Mother of Ken.

  5. The Laptop For Wounded Warriors sponsored by The Gathering of Eagles is truly another example of the care and support this organization continuously exhibits to our Brave Warriors. These laptops will enable our Wounded Heroes to stay in touch with their loved ones during the course of their treatment and recuperation. It is the very least we all can do to say “Thank You For Your Service and Sacrifice.”

    Special thanks to Marinka Peschmann and Canada Free Press for covering this story and getting the word out. AND special thanks to Debbie Bohannon for her work in recruiting Best Buy as a participating vendor in this project. Lastly, Thank You George Samek, for looking out for your Brothers. My experience has always been that the Gathering of Eagles is The Band of Brothers! Please support this program and this wonderful organization. They continuously support our brave men and women is so many ways!

    Beverly Perlson
    The Band of Mothers

  6. What has made these presentations of these laptops so special is the Gold and Blue Star Mothers ,who have reached out to the wounded with a Mothers love.

    As always the Ladies within any troop support orginization are the driving force and the look in the wounded troops eyes as you exchange hugs and conversation on the wards inspires us to move forward.

    Now its on to Fort Sill OK with Blue Star Mother Debbie Bohannon.

  7. Laptops for Wounded Warriors ..New Years Update

    First the great news

    I am proud to say we will be presenting laptops to our Wounded Warriors at Fort Hood Texas in early 2010.
    Master Sgt CJ Grisham, a active duty military blogger, will take the point with the Fort Hood mission and we at the Gathering of Eagles, with our wonderful Gold and Blue Star Mothers, will visit with our brave wounded and share with them our love and respect for their brave service to our nation.

    To recap the year of 2009, I am proud to inform you we have presented laptops to both Walter Reed Hospital in Washington DC on September 11, and also at Bethesda Naval Hospital on Sept 13. Gold and Blue Star Mothers shared with our wounded a Mothers love and words of comfort during these presentations.

    Our laptops missions then moved forward to Fort Sill OK, where Debi Bohannan , Blue Star Mother. stepped up to make a great presentation of laptops and IPods to our wounded together with other Blue Star Mothers.
    We were well received at Fort Sill due to her hard work to lay the ground work.

    Laptops & Ipods will be presented to our Marine Wounded Warriors in Jan 2010 at Camp LeJeune members of the Gathering of Eagles, Gold and Blue Star Mothers and support from Chapter 5. Rolling Thunder. Jacksonville NC.

    The laptop missions will then move forward to Fort Bragg NC for our Army Wounded Warriors, planning is now in progress for a presentation date.

    To date with the many personal donations by true troop supporter we have presented, or will present in 2010, forty laptops to our Wounded Warriors. We have also presented Ipods and DVD players along with the laptops.

    Work is in progress to begin writing requests for grant funding to continue these laptops missions forward.

    The NC Lady’s auxiliary of Veterans of Foreign Wars will make their 2010 fund raising efforts next year to further donate funding to continue these laptops missions. Once again our Ladies lead the way.

    Initial planning has Begin to present laptops to our Canadian Wounded Warriors who have served with pride and courage with our military in combat.

    Jamie & I wish to extend our personal thanks to each of you for your support in 2009 and promise you we will continue to work with you to insure we honor out troops in 2010.

    A special thanks to our Gathering of Eagles chairman Larry Bailey for his leadership and personal efforts to raise laptop funding.

    Please continue to spread the word to all and to donate what you can afford in these hard times we all now face together.

    I have found that what we do best we all do together.

    May God bless each of you and hold you and your family’s safe in the new year.

    Happy New Year

    George & Jamie Samek
    Gathering of Eagles NC

  8. January 2 2010
    Great news to start the new year

    Rolling Thunder members from Statesville NC have donated funding for another laptop for our Wounded Warriors.

    This laptop will be presented at Fort Bragg NC in the name of all the bikers who have reached out to our wounded.

    Please accept my personal thanks and always ride safe.

    CWO{SFC} George Samek
    US Army Retired
    Vietnam Vet

  9. After Action Report
    Laptops for Wounded Warriors

    Fort Sill OK..Dec 2009

    If you are a soldier confined to a hospital recuperating from combat related wounds received while in service to your country, the thing you want most, aside from competent medical care, is contact with family, friends and the outside world. Communication with supportive loved ones has been shown to dramatically enhance the healing process.

    Laptops for Wounded Warriors is a program dedicated to providing the means to that contact through internet access. Laptops are lightweight and portable enough be used from a hospital bed, if necessary, and include webcams which enable visual contact. Using a webcam, a soldier can be virtually present to tuck his children into bed at night, comfort a spouse, interact with parents and siblings or chat with friends.

    Gathering of Eagles is a nonprofit organization founded by Vietnam Veterans to protect and honor the servicemen and women who defend our country, the freedoms for which they fight, and the memorials that represent those who gave all.

    In July, 2009 it was brought to the attention of Retired Chief Warrant Officer and Vietnam Veteran George Samek, a frequent visitor of wounded troops, that the most requested item by those recovering at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., was a laptop computer. George made that request known to fellow Eagles member, Debi Bohannan, mother of three former troops and an active civilian supporter of the military from Oklahoma. Together they set about raising awareness of the request and gathering donations to be presented on September 11, 2009 by Blue and Gold Star moms, in commemoration of the attack on NYC by Islamic terrorists eight years earlier, which triggered the war in which those troops were injured.

    Response was overwhelming and so well received at WRAMC, the growing cadre of Eagles members decided to expand the effort to other military medical centers, beginning with Bethesda Naval Hospital and extending to all facilities willing to participate.

    On a chilly December 9th morning, the laptops and several I-pods were presented to the Warrior Transition Unit of Fort Sill’s Soldier and Family Assistance Center by blue star Navy mom Carol Hefner with assistance from Carol Farmer and Linda Rakett, representing Chapter 6 of Blue Star Mothers, Inc. Hefner, designated ‘Military Mom of the Day’, told the soldiers she felt as if each of them was her own child and that she was very proud of them. The gifts were received by base commander, Col. Raymond Lacey and several wounded warriors amid warmly traditional Christmas decorations in a reception area packed with smiling staff members and patriotic visitors. Brenda Spencer-Ragland, Director of Fort Sill’s Family, Morale, Welfare and Recreation, which provides services to troops and their families, then treated guests, including Oklahoma State Senator Don Barrington representing the Fort Sill district, to a tour of the facility followed by lunch at the Patriot Club.

    Upon learning that a unit was leaving for Afghanistan the following morning, Bohannan eagerly sent a bundle of donated phone cards to the MaD Brigade Command Team, urging the war-bound troops to “phone home as soon as possible – they’ll be anxious to hear from you”.

    “There is no cause more noble than standing up for the brave men and women who lay their lives on the line for our liberties and this is simply a way to say ‘thank you’ to our troops. It’s the least we can do.” Bohannan said of the effort.

    The Gathering of Eagles Laptops project will continue until Sept. 11, 2010.
    Tax deductible donations can be made directly to GOE at or to Bank of Oklahoma ‘Laptops’ – designated Oklahoma account.

  10. January 30 2010
    Laptop Fund Raiser Update
    New River Harley Davidson
    Jacksonville NC

    GOE Laptops Web Site

    Hundreds of troop supporters gathering in the rain and cold to attend the annual Chili Cook Off Challenge held by New River Harley Davidson dealership to fund purchase of laptops for our Wounded Warriors today. In spite of the winter storm spirits were high and seven motorcycle clubs were busy cooking up their special chili to compete in this years annual compilation. The Texas Road House Restaurant crew was also serving up their special brand of chili to warm the body and lift the spirits of all. As the band plays on many new friends were meet and information was provided concerning the laptops mission and how they could help spread the word to others.

    A special thanks to all those who worked so hard and braved to ice and cold to attend this fund raiser and to send their “Thank You For Your Service” to those who have suffered wounds in our name
    The management and staff of New River Harley Davidson worked very hard to plan and host this event and has assured me that the laptops mission will again receive the donations of all funding received in next years fund raising event.
    Don Thomas at New River Harley Davidson headed up this years event and he showed the citizens of Jacksonville NC to true spirit of America.Thanks to all for your support

    The high spot of today’s activity was the attendance of Mr Danial Desens, Gold Star Father & Mrs Patty Desens Gold Star Mother, the parents of SP-4 Daniel D Desends US Army, KIA OIF 2004. They will also attend and present a laptop in memory of their Son at the laptop presentation to Marine Wounded Warriors at Camp LeJeune NC on Feb 3 , together with Gathering of Eagles members and
    members from Rolling Thunder Chapter 5 ,Jacksonville NC,

    Once again what we all do best for our brave military, we all do together.

    On to Camp LeJeune !!

    Please forward this after action report to all who love and support our troops

    May God continue to bless America and protect our brave military.

    “Uncle George & “Aunt Jamie” Samek
    Gathering of Eagles NC

  11. February 3 2010
    Laptop Mission..USMC
    Camp LeJeune NC

    After Action Report

    Today six Windows 7 laptops were presented to Marine Wounded Warriors my members of the Gathering of Eagles, Rolling Thunder from Chapter 5 Jacksonville NC Escorts and a US Army Gold Star Mother.The event can only be described as a blessed event for all who attended to honor their brave service.

    Local TV news media were present to greet us at the main gate where we all thanked two brave Marines who were present to accept their laptops from Mrs Pattie Densens..GSM of SP-4 Daniel Desents..KIA Iraq and Murial Pederson..GSM of Sgt Ken Pederson KIA Vietnam USMC, presented by Mrs Cee Cee Griffith. at “Mom” Pedersons request

    Ed Salau,Wounded Warrior advocate at Camp LeJeune was present to welcome us and express his thanks for our laptop presentation. Ed will deliver the remaining laptops to wounded Marines who were notable to be with us due to their current recovery. Special thanks to the Camp LeJeune base Public Affairs staff of their attendance and escort onto the base to the Wounded Warriors Barracks.

    I wish to express my personal thank to all who donated funding to make all our laptops missions possible and I ask all to continue to donate whatever they can afford to make possible future laptop missions at Fort Bragg..Fort Gordon Ga & Fort Hood Texas.

    As administrator of the Gathering of Eagles missions I work for the smiles of our Wounded Warriors, I have been paid in full with the completion of each of our missions. As a Vietnam Vet I wish in some small way to help pay forward to our replacements for their brave service and to say to them..Thank You For Your Brave Service Brothers & Sisters.

    Special thanks also to New River Harley Davidson Jacksonville NC for the funding raised on Jan 30 during their Chili Cook Off Challenge fund raiser, these laptops will be presented at Fort Gordan Ga..ASAP !.

    To date 47 laptops have been funded by private donations from Americans who have reached out to bring the gift of communications to our wounded during their recovery
    May you God bless you and hold you safe.

    On to Fort Gordon Ga.. and beyond!
    What we do best for our military we do best..together

    God has blessed America with our mighty military

    George & Jamie Samek
    Gathering of Eagles NC

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